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100% of divorced men wish they had read this website before proposing.

Serious stuff

80% of American mothers have postpartum depression *

Why men should not marry *

Sex after marriage stops *

Marry foreign women only *

Marry only if you want kids *

Children are so overrated *

Why marriage no longer makes sense *

Examples of modern American women *

Any American man can find a beautiful and loyal foreign girlfriend or wife *

Give me ONE good reason why a man should sign a marriage contract with an American woman *

You should be proud if American women call you a "loser" *

American women will bring out the WORST in you *

Typical evening of a married man with kids *

What your future wife will be thinking a few years after you have children *

Men should not even think about getting married and having children until they are in their 40s *

The Problem with Modern American Women *

Majority of American women have Histrionic and Narcissistic disorders *

20% of men who think they are fathers are not *

Description of modern American women *

90% of American women marry up *

Whom not to marry *

American women have priced themselves out of the market *

Fucking decent mid-priced whores twice a week is less expensive than a wife *

A page for men under 25 and for everyone else who is still chasing pussy *

Marriage means you become a slave to your job *

Why marriage used to work, but no longer works *

How women manipulate you *

American woman's "Perfect Guy" qualities list *

Enduring The Incessant Whining of Single Females on Valentines Day *

Links *

Travel site for men interested in traveling and meeting local women in Latin America, Eastern Europe, and Asia.

Important Articles - read them all

Why couples on vacation are not having sex - great article. Read it before wasting your time/money/energy on a sexless vacation with your SO.

Women aspire to be housewives - without any of the housework - the article describes women as selfish parasites, yet spins it as a search for "fulfillment".

Women cheating - 60% of women will cheat. American women cheat because they "deserve all of the pleasure".

  • Cheating wives suffer absolutely "no guilt" but feel "entitled" to the good feelings they get.
  • American wives talk about how they cheat
  • Confessions of a Personal Trainer
  • Cheating women catching up with men - when it came to having cheated four or five times in the course of a relationship, women moved ahead of men with eight percent against four.

    Statistics on how worthless western women actually are - 96% lie, 45% lie most days, 57% steal, 38% would marry purely for money, 50% would lie about the man not being the actual father.

    Marital stress is bad for your health - wife who makes your life stressful will increase your risk for everything from chronic pain to a heart attack.

    The trouble with marriage - Very good article. Great overview of this website.

    Marriage used to provide access to sex. Now it provides access to celibacy (The Atlantic Monthly)

    Less Important Articles

    School in Mexico trains girls to be good wives.

    Canadian Marriage rate is down 7% in one year. No surprise there. I get reports that, as incredible as it may seem, Canadian women are even worse than American women.

    Ladies' Men: Great for Sex, but not for Marriage The article explains why a husband is a sucker whose only purpose is to finance children (that are often not even his).

    Western bitches are panicking that men no longer want to support their fat nagging asses. It's amazing that the feminist bitch says that men who are smart and don't want to slave away to support their bitch-wives are a "threat to society".

    66% of mothers aged 25 to 29 are single monthers (most of them living in permanent poverty), up from 37% in 1986.

    Majority of NYC women are single - NYC has the most high-maintenance, superficial, and stuck up women. It's no wonder nobody wants them.

    Married couples stop having sex - sugar-coated article to make things look much better than they actually are.

    Christian site says wives can not refuse sex with their husbands.

    American men in Russia abandon their American girlfriends

    Asia: heaven for men, hell for women

    Single, white and looking - Another article about how white women in Asia can not find men.

    Men commit to staying single

    Serious and funny stuff

    Translation of words in women's personal ads from woman-speak into English

    Translation of common phrases from woman-speak into English

    NoMarriage.com awards - given to men who excel at being non-pussified. *

    30 things you'll never hear a woman say

    Remote control for women

    Finally, an inspirational and positive page for women who made it this far

    Man selling collection of 26 Beanie Babies from ex-wife on Ebay

    Man selling ex-wife's wedding dress on Ebay

    Famous quotes about women and marriage

    NoMarriage.com Press Releases

    White American feminists engage in widespread racist hate speech

  • Marriage turns to crap no matter what you do. At best it's a tedious bore. At worst a living hell with financial ruin thrown in for good measure.


    American women put up a "pre-marital dog & pony show" to impress you. Make you think you're in love. But once you sign the dotted line of marriage, BAM, they get fat, bitchy, cheat on you, and screw you in divorce court.

    American women offer up a shit sandwich and then get pissed off when men go elsewhere to eat.

    If I ever think I want to get married, I'll find a woman I don't like and buy her a house.

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